Lindsay: Last Day of Spanish Classes

My last Spanish lesson was today, and although it’s four hours of one-on-one, I have really enjoyed them. Thankfully, I had already learned the basic grammar, so my lessons have been focused on speaking, listening, as well as reading about culture, history, and geography of Ecuador. During lessons yesterday, we went to the Cultural Museum. A guide took us through the museum, explaining various regions and history of the indigenous people of Ecuador. I would like to add that I actually understood the majority of what our Spanish speaking guide was saying.

I have had many conversations with my teacher during the lessons. She is getting her degree in communication in addition to teaching Spanish. She is hoping to use her degree to help at-risk women. Her passion to help people in need became a chance for me to learn about some of the social problems Ecuador. For example, there is no version of C.P.S in Ecuador, and many children are abused, or are forced to sell things in the street. The children continue to remain in the home despite abusive situations. There are also many women victims of domestic violence; but there are very few shelters, and very few government funded projects exist. As I start my internship, I will be surrounded by Ecuadorians who are working towards healing a population’s need in their own area. I imagine I will learn so much from them! (starting this Monday, YAY!!!)


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