Lindsay: The Bus

I recently read the book Divergent, in order for the main character to be a part of her newly chosen faction of the brave and fearless, she must first run onto a moving train headed to her new home. I feel this is an accurate portrayal of how of my commute every morning and evening getting on the bus. While I may be exaggerating just a little bit, the bus coming to a complete stop whether leaving or entering is rare. There are bus stops, but they are not necessary, you may choose anywhere along the route where you would like to stop. Because of the many starts and stops indicated by the passengers, the bus driver wastes no time accelerating when he can. The trick is seeing the tiny words in the corner of the bus, displaying where you need to go before it’s too late, and the bus has passed. I have not yet taken the wrong bus, however, this morning I managed to miss my stop, and ended up taking the route to the end and getting on the bus going the other way. I have a cold right now, and am going to blame the lingering Benadryl for my mistake, because the landmarks of where I get off are easily recognized. On the bus it is also a good idea to wear pants with some traction on the pockets; otherwise you will be sliding back and forth for your trip. I actually prefer the bus drivers who waste no time between stops, my bus ride to work can take forty minutes or an hour and a half depending on the driver and traffic. Whether I am bracing myself the whole ride, or watching out the window at pedestrians moving faster than the bus, I find the bus ride enjoyable. There is no need to go to convenience stores, because vendors come onto the bus to sell candy, drinks, cooked potatoes, or fruit. However, my favorite aspect is the entertainment. People will come with boom boxes and play fifteen seconds of each song of a CD they are selling, or they will perform live for you with their guitar or accordion. Tonight, I had the best performance yet, two men rapped to accordion music, if I didn’t need my change for the bus the next day, I would have gladly given it to them. For all of this delightfulness, it is twenty-five cents each way. That means that each month I pay ten dollars for my daily commute, and I am not complaining.


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