Lindsay: Under the Weather


Beginning Sunday night, the weather changed to colder temperatures and a constant low, thick blanket of dark clouds that have been dumping rain for hours at a time. The classic “I would just like to crawl into my bed and read a book or watch a movie” weather has invaded Quito. Usually, I would not be able to crawl back in bed, but kind-of unfortunately I can. I have been sick with a lovely infection or cold, or something that I am not sure I completely understood when my Spanglish speaking doctor prescribed medicine. I am also in the process of switching my projects, which is a little heart-breaking because I will really miss the girls I met. However, the spot at Ser Joven they had for me to fill was ending up being more of a volunteer position, than the social work experience, both required by my major, and what I desire to further my professional development. The past couple days have been me sleeping, drinking citrus tea, and a battle of trying to write my research paper for my online class versus my desire to do anything but that.  I think I actually have a full page written now, so just nineteen to twenty more pages left! I am very much hoping that I will get to have my introduction to my new project tomorrow and get started back up again. However, a regular schedule will not quite happen right away. Ecuador celebrates Carnaval, beginning this Saturday and ending on Tuesday. One of the cities in Ecuador, Ambato, has the Festival of Fruits, and Flowers during this time. Other parts of Ecuador celebrate by visiting family, going to the coast, and having water fights. Although it is technically illegal in the city of Quito to throw water at people on the streets (it is perfectly fine in other cities), I have been warned to just bring an extra pair of clothes and a happy attitude if I am outside. I am planning on going to part of the Amazon for the long weekend, and think that I may not experience quite the full effect of Carnaval because of my trip, but we will see. I do not really know how my next week will end up going, whether I start my new project for a few days, or if the skies continue to generously provide rain, but I have managed to put off writing my paper for a little longer.


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