Lindsay: In the Jungle

In the Cuyabeno Jungle I:

May have seen an anaconda

Watched a tarantula stare down from the roof of the dining room every night

Fished for and touched a piranha, then later went swimming

Spotted caiman in the water

Frequently checked my hair as I saw a grand assortment of spiders covering the landscape (that were actually quite beautiful) on a night hike

Realized that while I was told I was staying in a hotel, the accurate description would be camping with a roof

Attempted to take pictures of different types of monkeys as climbed through the trees above us

Napped in a hammock

Woke up early to see colorful and large tropical birds begin their day

Stayed up late watching the southern hemisphere constellations

And the fireflies sparkle, on the edge of the river



One comment

  1. DanaAli

    We are so impressed by your experiences. How fun for you. Can’t wait to show the boys all your pictures. Enjoy your time. We just found out yesterday that we had to sign up to receive your blogs, so we are catching up from Day 1. 🙂

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