Lindsay: Tres Manuelas

My new field placement is at Tres Manuelas. Now that I am a bit more familiar with the organization, I have realized how big of an agency it is. Tres Mañuelas is a social service agency that has many different branches, and expands into the community. They have therapy for victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and child abuse. They have a support group for abusers. There are doctors available, prosecutors, a children’s program, and lawyers. There are those who investigate cases of abuse, as well as those who work long term with existing clients. The only qualification to receive their free services is to be in need or a victim of abuse. This week I have been shadowing two different social workers. One who does the initial intakes, and directs those who come in to where Tres Mañuelas can help them. If the client has a need outside of Tres Manuelas, she is able to direct them to a nearby agency. Tres Mañuelas is located in the historic center of Quito where many other government agencies are located. This is where the president’s house is, the streets are filled with beautiful, older churches, the streets are narrow and crowded, and the buildings and houses that cover the hills are colorful. I really love that I get to work in a very culturally unique and significant part of Quito. When I shadowed the other social worker, I was able to go on a house visit with her to see about the custody of child. I also was able to learn about her social work experiences, and see a little part of how she works with clients on a long-term basis. Next week I will be working in the children’s program in the morning, and then going to the houses of the children in the afternoon to see what the needs of the children’s families are. I am so impressed by the complexity and organization of Tres Manuelas, and I think it will be a fun opportunity to work with the kids, and see where they come from and how their families look.


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