Lindsay: La Costa


I am trying really hard not to write just about my weekend trips, but I have been really blessed to be able to travel around the country with the exception of just one weekend since I have been here. Ecuador is so diverse with the Oriente (jungle/Amazon) the Sierra (where Quito is, most volcanoes and the Andes are), the Coast (beach…obviously) and it’s all in one country, accessible by a cheap bus in a few hours, with hostels available for eight dollars a night. This weekend, I was able to see the Coast in a small hippy town called Canoa. From first glance the beach looks no different than one in California, but there were a few lovely and surprising exceptions. The water was the most, perfect temperature of water I have ever been in, if you really wanted to swim for the whole day, I am pretty sure it would be possible. What was the most memorable part of Canoa were the sunsets, the water had receded far back into low tide, where there was just enough water over the sand to reflect a glistening portrait of the sky. The sky was completely clear at the horizon, and I had the privilege to stand amazed as the full sun slowly escaped into the ocean.



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