Lindsay: Fiesta!

After having my eyes opened to the extent of abuse happening to the children I am surrounded by, we ended the week by celebrating the children’s birthdays that had passed in the past three months. Utilizing my social works skills, I painted a Feliz Cumpleaños sign, and others filled the room with balloons and streamers. Our fiesta began with the children dancing and singing in somewhat of a competition. I loved how the coordinator prefaced the dancing and singing by saying that they should be doing it to have fun, and there was no reason for them to be embarrassed. Although there were winners after each song, they were all recognized for their courage to get up and perform. In a culture of Salsa, Meringue, and many more dances, the kids were already fantastic dancers and probably could out-dance any high school student at prom in the U.S. Our fiesta then continued with cake and salty snacks, not unlike any American birthday party, and the children sang and laughed together until it was time to go. The day before, we went to a science museum to see the brain and mind exhibit, we split into groups and I was with the older students. Afterwards, the first and second graders who went to a more interactive and younger exhibit then took me running through the area where they had gone, excitedly showing me all they had done. The children at Tres Manuelas have undoubtedly captured my heart, whether I am helping them with their homework or celebrating their birthday, I really enjoy my time with the cuties.


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