Lindsay: Cotopaxi



Ecuador is truly a beautiful country. I have said it before, but I love the diversity of places to visit. Last weekend I was at the beach, today I was in snow. Three other friends and I visited the volcano Cotopaxi. Our guide led our hike through a windy path, to an altitude of over 16,000 feet. Our guide does the hike four to five times a week, and left us in the dust as we struggled to breathe as we continued to scale up the volcano. There is a refuge where we sat and rested for a bit, and then we continued up to a glacier. My host mom told me about Cotopaxi before going, and described the national park as something you stand, looking out in awe of the unique beauty you see, and she was absolutely correct. We were in the clouds for part of the time, with incredible views. There is the snow covered peak, and it is possible to visit with a few days and some beforehand training. It was clear on our ascent, and as we went down it began hailing turn to snowing. My time in Ecuador is quickly disappearing. Although I am wiped from the hike, it was cold, and I got a little dirty, it was completely worth spending my energy and Sunday for sights that left me in complete wonder.



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