Lindsay: A Little Mishap

We broke a window today…oops. The kids have time to play for about twenty minutes to get a little of their energy out before doing homework everyday. Usually I will volunteer to supervise the kids outside, where they play in this elevated concrete patch with a tree, of the terrace in the middle of the other offices in Tres Manuelas (hard to describe and not an ideal playground). Today I thought I was super cool because some of the older boys, who always play soccer, asked me if I wanted to play with them. I was having so much fun with them, even though their ten year-old soccer skills are about one hundred times better than mine. We were playing with a mini basketball, and in hindsight I can now see how this could maybe, not turn out so well. However, they always play with that basketball for a soccer ball, and I did not think twice about it. But of course, in the last minutes of free time, my teammate has a beautiful kick towards our opponent’s goal, and the goal goes right between the pillar of the wall/goal and crashes through the window below. The pillars are hardly any bigger than the ball, but it managed to go through just perfectly. Of course the sound of shattering glass makes everyone come out of their office to see what happened as I am standing there looking very responsible. Yet blame went to the boy who kicked the ball, even though it could have happened to any of us playing. As the responsible adult, who had dutifully supervised the kids by playing with them, I decided I should defend the poor kid and explain it was not his fault. He was playing fair, and happens to have awesome kick. After figuring out how to say this in Spanish, then repeating to however many people that had decided to see what had happened, it was finally understood. Social workers have the code of ethics, and one of those ethics is the pursuit of social justice. Today I learned that I can practice social work values even while playing soccer.


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