Lindsay: My time in Ecuador is Coming to An End

I cannot believe the time I have left in Ecuador can only be counted on one hand. This weekend, my supervisor invited me and other interns/volunteers over to her house to make a wonderful, goodbye ceviche lunch together. I have been so fortunate to work with so many great people, especially my supervisor. After going on house visits, we often sit down and talk over what happened, why a family’s situation looks like it does at this point and time, the cultural influences, and then how Tres Manuelas can help the family. She became the facilitator of Circulo Infantil at about the same time as I came to Tres Manuelas. Circulo Infantil has been transformed from a place for kids to do homework, into a purposeful, child-centered support program. Every week, new elements have been added into the curriculum to benefit the children educationally and emotionally. It has been encouraging to hear the ideas she would like to implement, and then see them put into action. It has been personally rewarding for me to have the opportunity to be a part of those changes, and give my input, knowing the dynamics and personalities of the kids. Tres Manuelas has a wonderful work atmosphere, despite the fact the staff are working with many, heavy case loads. They are positive, genuine social workers, psychologists, interns, lawyers, and doctors committed to helping their community, and I have learned a lot from them.


My supervisor and I





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