Lindsay: Reflection

From my time in Ecuador I have learned so much for my future social work career. I have seen the extreme financial situations of those living in Quito and surrounding cities. I have passed by many young pregnant teachers. I have learned about the single parent families and the many different dynamics that it accompanies. I have worked with a mentally disabled student, conducted house visits with families, and met with teachers on behalf of students. I had the opportunity to learn from many different social workers and psychologists at Tres Manuelas. I had the opportunity to work with social work and psychologist students from Ecuador pursuing a similar profession and interest as me.

I even met more than just Ecuadorians and learned a little more about the lives of those in Germany and other parts of Europe. With my new friends I was able to explore and experience beautiful and unique scenery that Ecuador has.


I had after dinner talks with my host mom talking about social issues in Ecuador and comparing the problems to the U.S. and Europe. Those conversations were in Spanish, something I could never have done before being required to speak the language everyday.

I have been back for almost two weeks now, and I already miss the kids so much. I feel so fortunate that they allowed me to come into their lives for just a little bit of time. They made me smile everyday, even when they broke the window, and even when they spilt purple ink all over the floor, their faces, and my hands.


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